TechCog Lexicon

This page will serve as a rubric for lexical knowledge of my articles. My research stems into language of both the technological, and epistemological. In that vein my writing touches on cross disciplinary subjects that tend to have a colloquial meaning. I challenge readers to interact in the conversation and inquire on opposing ideas if you see fit.

Adapt TechCog: Technology modified beyond its original constraints. (Eg. Via programming a new layer for it to access, or modifying the hardware.)
Assisted Emergence: The ascent of a technologies ability to accelerate it's own production process via the user.
Cognitive feedback: The ability in which a technology may be able to cause easier mapping of controller interface and user. (Eg. Lights, UI, or even form)
Cross Platform: A technologies ability to be digitally active on an operating systems without full use of functionality.
(Pseudo)Cross Platform: A technologies ability to be digitally active on multiple operating systems.
Limited key accessibility: Devices ability to store only a limited amount of inputs from the ASCII input bank.
Malleability:  A devices ability to conform to a situation. (Within the articles we'll explore this via Hardware Malleability(hm) and Software Malleability(sm).)
Metalog: Is the dialogue between the interface and the design tool.
Multi input: The ability of a device to record and output a series of inputs greater than 2.(Eg. The ability to perform macros.)
Native TechCog: Technology unmodified by a user via hardware and software.
Native inputs:  Inputs within a device that can be reassigned and are not hardwired.
TechCog: The methodology of using controller based systems to access content creation softwares.
TechCog C (Cog C): Content creation technology.
TechCog G (Cog G): Technology created for   that of gaming or its constituent domain. 
State Change / input layers: The ability to store and change to a different mapping of inputs. 
Target Awareness: The ability of a hardware to detect the activation of a program, and augment itself accordingly.
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